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Hello there!

Hello there! I'm Qdust (or as the 'full name' goes Qdust41) and thank you for visiting my humble abode! I currently don't have much on here but feel free to poke around with whats available. If something looks odd and unfinished, thats because it is and im currently just trying to work on this when I have free time.


If I dont get a university letter sometime sooner rather than later I don't even know what imma do tbh. World is big and scary and stuff.

Some Stuff I'm Doing Now

Currently I'm trying to removivate myself to learn guitar because I just can't seem to get back into it but after watching Bocchi the Rock® (highly reccomend an adblocker), I am more motivated to try again and get back to where I once was. IMO learning any instrument that you're interested in is always a good way to develop skills while having fun and hopefully writing it down here will help motivate me personally!


  • 9/18/23 - Skelegorg thinks this website needs updating, so this is my single update I will be adding. I might get around to unshitting it but idk, that takes effort and idk if I have the motivation for that right now.
  • 2/3/23 - Holy crap it's already February... Decided to edit some stuff around but no "major" changes, just added the 'Some Stuff I'm Doing Now' to home.
  • 11/16/22 - Fixed Leafs website (again) and added a hidden page ;)
  • 11/4/22 - Made a Projects page, go check it out!
  • 10/18/22 - I aquired a Mona poster last Sunday and so Mona has a post in Weeb now
  • 10/12/22 - Fixed Tim's Link, realized I should add to this because its fun but im addicted to a MOBA and it's unhealthy pleasehelpme
  • 10/5/22 - Music Page Start, Added Hatsune Miku post.
  • 10/4/22 - Fixed a lot of visual issues and added some boxes for content, added link for leaf494's website (check it out :D), added todo list, and added Weeb page. Currently hosts posts for Kaguya, Ganyu, Mobius, Rem and Ram, Hayasaka, Mai Sakamurajima, and Fujiwara.
  • 10/3/22 - Gonna try to keep updates now (im 100% gonna forget at some point though)
  • 9/26/22 - Website creation date

To Do

  • Add to homepage
  • Add guestbook
  • Make More pages
  • Add Mobile friendly viewing (not happening too lazy)
  • Add Music Page ✔