About Qdust

Hello there!

Hello there! I'm Q (or as the 'full name' goes Qdust41) and thank you for visiting my humble abode! I am a male located out of the USA, in Americas, on Earth, within the Milky Way, etc. I am currently not too involved with anything but I enjoy spending time doing anything with people I know, online or IRL. I enjoy many walks of life, but those I enjoy most are: anime, videogames (yes ik ur average NEET things), winter, specifically i love snow, music, art, programming, working out, and trying new things!

I think this is a cool way to just get a foot into the door for making my own litle digital homespace and as a fun project to complete whenever I think it would be fun. I have enjoyed making this site thus far and will continue to edit it so long as I have time (and motivation lol).

I currently don't have much on here but feel free to poke around with whats available. If something looks odd and unfinished, thats because it is and im currently just trying to work on this whenever I want to.

Because I don't know what to fill space with (like at all ever) here is a photo of Azir from a 'hit online MOBA (probably) near you!'

Though my abode is quaint, I hope you enjoy your stay :)